Explain the Classification of Laser Welding Processes Based on Utilization of Automated System?

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- GoPhotonics

Nov 14, 2023

Laser welding processes based on the utilization of automated systems can be classified as:

Manual Laser Welding:

In this process, the entire welding operation is carried out by a skilled human operator (welder) who controls and directs the laser beam manually.

Semi-Automated Laser Welding:

Automation is applied to perform specific tasks, such as material handling or laser beam positioning, while other aspects of the welding process are handled manually by the operator.

Automated Laser Welding:

This mode of laser welding is fully automated and controlled by advanced systems like Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and robotics. Automated laser welding systems utilize precise programming and robotic arms to handle the entire welding process, ensuring high accuracy and repeatability.

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