What is Inrush Current of an LED Driver Module?

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Jul 18, 2022

Inrush current of an LED module refers to the input current of short duration that flows into the LED driver when it is initially switched ON. This current is used to charge the capacitors in the power supplies of the driver circuit. 

These are basically short-duration currents whose amplitude is much higher than the operating or the nominal current required by the LED

The basic function of an LED driver is to convert the inline high voltage to a very low DC voltage required by the LED to function. So when an LED circuit is switched ON, it takes a very short time for the conversion of this high current to the required value. This current which flows for a short period of time when we switch ON the LED is the inrush current.

For example, for a typical 150 W, 0.7 A LED driver, the inrush current is 130 A and lasts for 165 µs.

For a 220 W, 1.05 A LED driver, the inrush current is 80 A and lasts for 1 ms.