What is Laser Spot Welding and Laser Seam Welding?

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Nov 14, 2023

Laser Spot Welding is a technique that employs a laser beam's energy to join two metal surfaces at a specific point. The laser beam focuses on a small area, delivering sufficient energy to melt and fuse the metal surfaces. This method is rapid, accurate, and suitable for welding different metals, even dissimilar ones.

The prominent methods employed in laser spot welding are: 

  • Keyhole spot welding is a variation of laser spot welding where the laser power is significantly increased, creating a deep penetration weld that resembles a keyhole in cross-section. In this process, the laser beam creates a hole through the material, and the molten material fills the hole, creating a strong and deep weld.
  • Conduction spot welding is a specialized form of laser welding that employs conduction as the primary mode of heat transfer to join two or more metal sheets together at a localized spot.

Laser Seam Welding is a welding technique that occurs along an extended, continuous surface. However, when individual spots are welded closely together, laser spot welding resembles laser seam welding in appearance and functionality.

Seam welds offer superior strength, enable leak-proof seals, and enhance the overall robustness of products. It can be accomplished using both pulsed lasers and continuous lasers.

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