Brimrose Corporation

  • United States
  • +1 (410) 472 7070
  • 19 Loveton Circle Hunt Valley Loveton Center Sparks, MD. 21152

Company Overview

Brimrose Corporation of America is a designer, manufacturer, and custom builder of high quality, ruggedized acousto-optic components (AO), AOTF near infrared spectrometers (NIR), AOTF hyperspectral imagers (HSI), and more. The company was founded in 1980 by Dr. Ronald Rosemeier with several "Small Business Innovative Research" Grants (SBIRs) and as a defense contractor. Research and development continues to be the backbone of our organization. We have created a culture of freedom to explore and develop new ideas.

The Brimrose headquarters is located north of Baltimore, Maryland, USA in a technology sector known as Hunt Valley. Engineers work to design and have access to our machining for prototypes and custom building. We manufacture all of our products here in the United States, including advanced materials such as crystal growth. Many of our employees have advanced degrees and have been pioneers in their fields of study. We have partners and direct applications solutions support throughout the world.

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