AA Opto Electronic

  • France
  • +33(0)1 76 91 50 12
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  • 18, rue Nicolas Appert 91400 Orsay – France

Company Overview

AA OPTO-ELECTRONIC proposes a wide range of Acousto-Optic components including Modulators, Frequency Shifters, Deflectors, Pulse Pickers... as well as the associated RF drivers. Custom made solutions are also provided thanks to our skilled engineering team.

AA was founded in 1979, under the name «Automates et Automatismes». It became a limited company in 1988 under the new name of AA Sa, specialising in acousto-optic components and their associated RF drivers. AA is now a world leader in the manufacturing of quality Acousto-optic and radio frequency devices. Close collaboration with universities and research institutes, provided invaluable knowledge and experience in the design and manufacturing processes of Acousto-optic devices and radio-frequency sources. Continuous R&D keeps pace with advances in laser and electronic technology to ensure AA continues to offer state-of-the-arts products. AA offers its customers solutions from prototype design to large volume manufacturing thanks to its internal resources and In-house capabilities. Our Headquarter is located in ORSAY, near Paris in France. This is also our optical manufacturing center. All RF drivers are manufactured in our St Avertin plant, located 200 kms south of Paris.

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