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Company Overview

The team has more than 10 years of technical experience in the field of photonics, and has been engaged in light source, optical amplifiers, optical control, photodetectors, and optical passive research and production. We can provide a variety of technologies and products for optical fiber communications, fiber sensing, optical device production test applications., Garan special technology products mainly include: a broadband light source (ASE, SLED, LED, ELED), narrow linewidth light source (10MHz, 3MHz, 1MHz, 100KHz, 10KHz DFB), UV ultraviolet light source, tunable lasers, optical amplifiers EDFA, light switches, fiber optic sensing (tunable filters, fiber grating demodulator), PM. And passive devices, such as optical isolator, circulator, light collimator optical splitter (PLC planar waveguide, FBT fused taper), optical wavelength division multiplexer (WDM / CWDM / DWDM), may Dimmer attenuator, polarization maintaining optical passive devices, and fiber jumpers / connectors / adapters., Provide customers with stable quality, advanced technology, the most useful products is our company philosophy., The company's R & D and production base in Shenzhen. Not only do we offer a variety of common products can also provide OEM services specifically customized products and solutions according to customer requirements.

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