RPMC Lasers Inc.

  • United States
  • 636-272-7227
  • 203 Joseph St. O`Fallon, MO 63366

Company Overview

Incorporated in 1996, RPMC Lasers, Inc. was started to assist LDX Optronics generate worldwide attention to their high quality laser diode products. This allowed LDX Optronics to concentrate on technical challenges without the diversions of sales calls and marketing endeavors. LDX Optronics has succeeded nicely. With that success, we realized that we could do the same thing for other laser firms, and enjoy an economy of scale while doing it, and thus adding value for our primaries as well as for us. Over time, additional laser firms have been added to our list of primaries. We are happy to report that we have never been dismissed by a primary, but we know that this is one of the eventualities as some of our primaries grow larger and their needs change.