Arima Lasers

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  • 9F, No.458, Pingzhen Sec., Zhongxing Rd., Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan City, 32460, Taiwan

Company Overview

Arima Lasers Corporation (ALC) was officially founded on Aug. 1st, 2007.We are formerly the Laser Diode Business Unit of Arima Optoelectronics Corporation, founded in 2000. Laser diodes (LD) has been widely used in computer, communication, consumer electronics, medical, defence and industrial products, such as optical disk drives, optical communication networks, laser mouse, laser display, photodynamic therapy, laser printers, bar code scanners, distance measurements, levelers, etc. It is the key enabling component for all the applications mentioned. However, most of the LD manufacturers are located in Japan, USA or Europe. We have been devoted to developing the best LD products and mass production technology since year 2000.By now, we have established competitive, fully vertical integrated technology, including epitaxy, device fabrication, packaging and testing and module assembly.

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