Erbium Technology (ChengDu)

  • China
  • +86-28-87897578
  • +86-28-87897578
  • No.23,Chaoyang road, Xihe street, Longquanyi distrcit, Chengdu, 610107, China

Company Overview

Erbium Tech focuses on the overall research and development and manufacturing of the whole industry chain of 1535nm, such as high-end eye-safe lasers, glass and rangefinders. With the purpose of pursuing safe, professional, technological and innovative products, we provide the best quality for high-tech elites and our brand value is also favored by those elites. Erbium Tech insists on the philosophy of “great technology will bring the best products”, thus, we always carry forward the spirit of ingenuity to realize the long-term development of our products.

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