CPG Optics

  • China
  • +86-25-8565 2542
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  • Building 7, No. 218 Xiaowei Avenue, Xuanwu Nanjing, China, 210014

Company Overview

After over 20 years manufacturing experiences, CPG is now a company with over 200 employees specializing in doing optical components, laser components, coating products and coating material businesses around the world. About 50% of our products exported from China to the world. Our customers are in Asia, Europe, America, etc.For optical components, we have over 15 senior engineers working in the production line, most of them are over 50 years working experiences, they are divided into medical, laser and weapon teams, in charge of CPG’s R&D working, helped design the fabricating technologies.As CPG is a manufacturing company, we initiatively have responsibilities of environment protection to the earth, career planning for CPG family members, customer satisfaction care etc.

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