SI Stuttgart Instruments

  • Germany
  • +49 (0)711 12567122
  • +49 (0)32121081682
  • Curiestr. 2, 70563 Stuttgart, GERMANY

Company Overview

SI Stuttgart Instruments GmbH is a spin-off company of University of Stuttgart providing versatile and robust laser sources for all kinds of spectroscopic applications, such as vibrational IR spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, multiphoton microscopy and many more.Our portfolio includes solid-state laser, parametric frequency conversion but also spectral broadening or pulse compression devices. Our products are specifically designed to provide a highly stable and shot-noise limited performance as well as a broad spectral coverage reaching from the visible up to the mid-IR. We also provide custom solutions that are specifically optimized for your setup. If you have any special requirements, feel free to contact us.

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