Befort Wetzlar

  • Germany
  • +49 (0) 6441 - 9241-0
  • +49 (0) 6441 - 9241-33
  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Braunfelser Str. 26-30, D-35578 Wetzlar / Germany

Company Overview

Befort Wetzlar is one of the leading suppliers of precision optics. We make optical components ranging from individual lens elements to complex sub-assemblies and systems. In the field of Optical Design we have specialized in the innovative and application-specific design of opto-mechanical and opto-mechatronic systems. We also provide a coating service for the optical substrates of a large number of international optic users. All this and more besides is the work of around fifty employees at our Wetzlar factory. 80 per cent of them are skilled workers, technicians and engineers.

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