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Company Overview

Fuzhou Siaon Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. locates in Fuzhou, China, is a hi-tech enterprise which design, manufacture and sale machine vision lens, CCTV lens, optical components and polarization optics. Now Siaon has developed a series of high performance FA lens, including 1/1.8", 2/3", 1" C mount machine vision, F mount, M42x0.5 mount, M12x0.5 mount lens, etc. Besides, Siaon manufactures optical components, including prism, lenses,mirrors, windows, beamsplitter, filter, and polarization optics includes waveplates, polarizers, polarization beamsplitters.All of these precision optics are wide used in industrial field, medical, milittary, life science, aerospace,etc. Siaon closely cooperates with leading optical manufacturer at home and abroad, with strong R&D, advanced equipment,etc. Siaon provide a series of service, including machine vision lens, precision optics, OEM/ODM service, solution,etc.

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