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On www.instockoptics.com you may order from over 91 000 optical components, including: • Laser optics (HR and PR mirrors, wavelength separators, AR coated windows, filters) • Polarization Optics (waveplates, polarizing cubes, Brewster type thin film, Glan and other polarizers) • Laser & Nonlinear Crystals (Ti:Sapphire, Nd:YVO4, BBO, KDP and other crystals) • Uncoated Optical components (lenses, prisms, windows, filters) All products are listed live and available at real time. Laser optics is inspected in metrology laboratory and fits high quality standards. The certified quality management system ISO 9001 confirms that Altechna provides quality goods and services oriented to the needs and requirements of the clients. Located in European Union, Altechna assures prompt delivery worldwide.

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