Acme Optics Inc

  • Country: China
  • Tel: 86-25-5849-3610
  • Fax: 86-25-5849-1710
  • Address: 8 Wuxue Yuan, Baixia District, Nanjing 210002, P.R.China

Company Overview

Precision optical components, including micro-optics, achromatic and simple lenses, rod lenses, cylindrical lenses, windows, prisms, mirrors, optical coatings, waveplates, beamsplitter, filiters and handling prototype. Microscope, including microscope objective and stereo microscope. Tooling Machine, including Single-axe Grinding & Polishing Machine, Double-axes Cylindrical surface Grinding & Polishing Machine, Four-axes Grinding & Polishing Machine, 20-axes small spherical surface Grinding & Polishing Machine, Planar Ringlike Grinding & Polishing Machine, Both-sides Grinding & Polishing Machine, Optical Centering Machine, Automatic Centering Edge Grinding Machine, 800DA Multi-layers High Vacuum Coating Machine, Numerical Control Lathe, Milling Machine, Drill Press and Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine . Inspecting instrument, including 10X Microsope, Autocollimation, Gentricity, Centricity Meter, Table Projector, Interference Microsope, UV-VIS-NIR Scanning Spectrophotometer and Planar Interferometer.