Laser Point

  • Italy
  • +39 02 2740 0236
  • +39 02 2502 9161
  • Via Burona, 51 20055 Vimodrone (Milano) - Italy

Company Overview

Laser Point manufactures a wide portfolio of laser power and energy meters able to perform laser measurements with high accuracy up to multi-kilowatts optical power level. We also provide unique in the market and patented Hi Tech solutions to measure   ultrafast lasers down to picosecond and femtosecond pulse duration and high repetition rates up to MHz range. Laser Point developed the best hard coating to absorb the laser radiation which allows its laser and energy sensors to safely work  to the highest level of optical power density! For more than 30 years Laser Point has consistently supplied its OEM, industrial, medical, and scientific customers worldwide with laser power and energy tools that proved their accuracy and reliability.

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