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Company Overview

Specim is the pioneer and leading global supplier of hyperspectral imaging solutions. We offer the broadest camera portfolio that covers wavelengths from VNIR, NIR, SWIR, and MWIR to LWIR, imaging spectrographs, airborne solutions, software, and accessories.

Our solutions are used by machine builders and integrators in the machine vision industry and prestigious research institutes and governmental organizations worldwide.

With our strategy, "Spectral imaging made easy," our customers can rely on the scalability of our technology and products. It allows our customers to improve the performance of their solutions and develop new applications quicker and with less technical skills.

Specim was founded in 1995 and has been a part of the Konica Minolta Group since 2020. We operate globally, and with headquarters in Oulu, Finland, sales offices in the US, China, Germany, and Spain, and an extensive distributor network, we can serve our customers locally and worldwide.

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