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  • Logoiski trakt 22 – 406, Minsk, 220090, Belarus

Company Overview

LaserCom LLC is a manufacturer and developer of semiconductor laser diode, LED, photodiode and hybrid fiber-coupled modules. They provide original equipment manufacturers with components for the most demanding applications in telecom, scientific research, life science, security, aerospace industry and metrology.

LasersCom has a team of highly qualified engineers and researchers including PhD holders. They work in a close collaboration with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, national and foreign research institutions and industrial companies.
They have developed a unique technology for laser diode module assembly that provides high optical power coupling efficiency to a fiber. This unique technology of photodiode module assembly allows for producing the modules with optical matching, small back reflection and large dynamic range. Fabrication takes place in a clean zone under constant quality monitoring that ensures reliability and durability of their products.
They design the devices to provide superb optical power stability, heat removal, mechanical strength and resistance to ionizing radiation. The lightweight compact laser and photodiode modules can be widely used in stationary as well as portable fiber optics equipment.

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