II-VI Suwtech

  • China
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  • 2F, Building 65, 421 Hong Cao Road Shanghai 200233, China

Company Overview

Founded in 1997, now a subsidiary of II-VI Incorporated, a US public company traded on the NASDAQ under the stock symbol II-VI, II-VI Suwtech Inc, is one of the world's leading supplier of lasers and laser-based solutions for commercial and industrial customers in the most demanding markets. Over 200 employees work at II-VI Suwtech at two different locations. The facility in Shanghai plays the roles of Administration, R&D, Sales & Marketing and Customer Service, and the other facility located in Fuzhou went into operation in the early of 2006 as production base. Under II-VI Suwtech, Inc., our business is divided into two divisions, Green Laser Division and High Power Laser divisions.