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Company Overview

Agiltron is a vertically integrated developer and manufacturer of premium optical and photonic components and systems for communications, sensing and instrumentation. Our products are based on optical, micromechanical and electro-optic systems in combination with our competencies in manufacturing, imaging systems, infrared photonics, electronics, firmware and analytical software, and materials science, physics and biochemistry.

Based on technical capabilities and competencies drawn from innovative research and development, Agiltron photonic products utilize the interaction of light with engineered materials, micromechanical devices, and nano-structures to achieve unique functionality and performance. Our commitment to research and development enables continual innovation and industry leading product performance, and our patented technology platforms allow our customers to achieve higher system performance at lower cost.

Agiltron is an ISO 9001 certified optical systems manufacturer with an experienced team of scientists and engineers and well equipped modern facilities. We serve our markets with both standard products and customer driven special product development. Our manufacturing ability and commitment to service has positioned Agiltron as a leading global photonic products supplier. We serve a wide range of industries and customers.

Our rapidly expanding customer list includes many U.S. Fortune 500 companies and major organizations around the globe. We strive to provide the markets with differentiated products offering industry leading performance and value.

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