Irisiome Solutions

  • France
  • +33 6 17 03 32 16
  • Institut d'Optique d'Aquitaine, 1 rue François Mitterrand, 33400 TALENCE, FRANCE

Company Overview

Irisiome, spin off the university of Bordeaux, integrates and markets laser systems for aesthetic and medical applications. To reach a high added value and a strong differentiating factor in the market of medical laser systems, Irisiome’s has strengthen their expertise by developing its own laser source for it to be highly versatile and user-friendly. However it appears to us that this source, by its very innovative architecture, offers also a lot of benefit as a standalone source., Willing to make the maximum return on investment on its development efforts, Irisiome has created a new brand Irisiome Solutions, to develop and markets our lasers to usual laser users in research or industry.