World's First 300,000-pixel BSI Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor

Posted Jul 12, 2018 by Prerit Tomar

SmartSens has launched SC031GS – the world's first commercial-grade 300,000-pixel Global Shutter CMOS image sensor based on BSI (back-illuminated) pixel technology.

SC031GS is the latest addition to the SmartGS product line and the first CMOS image sensor that combines a back-illuminated (BSI) pixel design with Global Shutter technology to provide superior signal-to-noise ratio, higher sensitivity and greater dynamic range. SC031GS can be applied to a wide range of commercial products, including smart barcode readers, drones, smart modules (Gesture Recognition/vSLAM/Depth Information/Optical Flow) and other image recognition-based artificial intelligence (AI) applications, such as facial recognition and gesture control.

The ground-breaking technology of SC031GS can significantly improve two-dimensional barcode scanning performance in information retrieval and payment applications. SC031GS provides a wider-range, higher-speed and more-accurate recognition technology for smart barcode readers than other similar products, adapting to the rapid growth of Internet of Things (IoT) and complex situations in real life. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can also benefit from the high response speed, wide dynamic range and low power consumption of SC031GS.

SC031GS is developed based on BSI pixel design technology, using 3.75um large pixels (1/6" optical size) to deliver excellent imaging quality in low illumination environments with impeccable sensitivity and signal to noise ratio. In addition, SC031GS uses SmartSens' unique single-frame HDR technology, combined with a global shutter, to ensure accurate acquisition of image information in complex applications (motion) and lighting scenes.

Compared with conventional CMOS image sensors using Multiple-Exposure HDR technology, SmartSens'unique single-frame HDR Global Shutter technology is more suitable for image recognition-based AI applications. When combined with DVP/MIPI/LVDS interface, SC031GS can be adapted to various types of SoC platform. The maximum full-frame frame rate of 240fps shortens image acquisition frame interval while edge computing provides better real-time response capabilities.

SC031GS is now in mass production.