Mitsubishi Electric Launches 25 Gbps EML CAN Module for 5G Mobile Base Stations

Posted Sep 06, 2018 by Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Electric launch of a 25 Gbps EML CAN module supporting high-speed optical data transmission in radio access networks within fifth-generation (5G) mobile base stations. The new module is on display at the China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) 2018 in Shenzhen, China, from September 5 to 8, and will be commercially available from November 1.
The introduction of 5G mobile networks will herald the transmission of huge volumes of data and the need for high-speed optical communication networks; this will in turn drive customer demand for high-speed optical devices with low power consumption. The new 25Gbps EML CAN unit addresses these requirements, and will help to improve the productivity and efficiency of customer installations.
Product Features:
Supports high-speed, Large-Volume Mobile Networks 
  • Employs a TO-CAN package delivering 25Gbps EML, an industry first
  • Leverages improved bandwidth of the TO-CAN package

Reduces Power Consumption within Mobile Networks

  • Reduces the power consumption of thermo-electric coolers by 40 percent compared to the current FU-411REA model

Improves Customer Productivity

  • Is compatible with the standard TO-56 CAN package (package size:φ5.6mm)
  • Improves the productivity of bi-directional optical modules and transceivers due to a simplified fabrication process
Product: 25Gbps EML CAN
Wavelength: 1270nm, 1310nm
Operating Case Temperture Range: - 40℃ to + 95℃
Shipment date: November 1, 2018