nLIGHT Launches New Fiber Laser with Programmable Beam Quality

Posted Sep 07, 2018 by nLIGHT Corporation

Industrial fiber lasers pioneer, nLIGHT Inc, has released a breakthrough fiber laser with programmable beam quality. The new Corona fiber lasers will offer optimized performance across a wide range of materials and processes, enabling highly versatile material processing machines. Existing lasers without tunable beam properties force tool integrators and end users to accept compromised performance, complexity, cost, or reliability.

According to Jake Bell, General Manager for nLIGHT’s Industrial Lasers, Corona will expand the range of metal thicknesses that job shops can cut with a single machine, eliminating compromises they make today. Legacy laser technology forces manufacturers to restrict their production to a limited thickness range, to purchase multiple tools for different thicknesses, or to employ expensive free-space optics to laser cut a range of materials.

Corona fiber lasers incorporate proprietary all-fiber technology that enables users to directly program the output beam characteristics, providing quality, performance, cost, and reliability advantages over free-space optic and beam-combination solutions. A single Corona laser delivers cutting speeds characteristic of high-power fiber lasers for thin metals and CO2-like edge quality and cutting speeds for thick metals, all while retaining the productivity, uptime, and operating cost advantages of fiber lasers.