New OmniVision Image Sensor to Help Capture High-Quality Videos from Smartphones

Posted Jan 07, 2019 by OmniVision Technologies

OmniVision Technologies has announced a new video-centric, 2.9 micron 1080p image sensor designed for smartphones, OV02K. Built on OmniVision's PureCel Plus pixel technology, the OV02K allows the secondary camera in multi-camera configurations to capture high-quality videos, even in very low ambient light conditions.

According to TSR, the number of smartphones with two or three rear cameras will grow from just 8% of the market in 2017, to over 20% by 2022, when the estimated total market size will be 5.5 billion phones. Furthermore, the attachment rate for CMOS image sensors will be at 99.9%. Separately, Yole Développement predicts that, on average, there will be three cameras per smartphone by 2022.

According to Omnivision’s Senior Marketing Manager, Arun Jayaseelan, there is an increasing demand from smartphone users to capture high-quality videos, especially with social media sharing becoming more prevalent. The OV02K, with its relatively large pixel size, is perfect for super-high-quality video captures, even in less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

This large 2.9 micron pixel size imparts the OV02K with greater sensitivity and very low noise, resulting in an SNR10 of less than 10 lux. It comes in a 1/2.8" optical format, features 1080p resolution at up to 120 frames per second (fps), suitable for either standard or slow-motion video capture. The sensor also supports up to three exposures of staggered timing to enable high dynamic range (HDR), and supports frame-to-frame dual conversion gain (DCG).