ams Partners with Face++ to Accelerate Use of 3D Optical Sensing Technology

Posted Jan 07, 2019 by ams AG

ams AG has signed a co-operation agreement with artificial intelligence software leader, Face++, to accelerate OEMs’ and system integrators’ deployments of 3D optical sensing technologies such as face recognition. This partnership means that manufacturers can go to market faster with superior systems for performing functions such as face recognition, facial payments, Animoji creation and augmented/virtual reality.

The 3D optical sensing solutions created by ams and Face++, which use infrared light projectors to map the surface of real-world objects such as a user’s face, are bringing about profound changes in the operation of security and authentication functions. 3D optical sensing, for instance, enables face recognition in the mobile phone, giving users an easy and secure alternative to PIN codes and fingerprint sensing for device unlocking and payment functions.

Under the new partnership, both the companies will co-ordinate efforts to ensure that the operation of ams 3D optical sensing systems and Face++ technologies are optimized for each other. They will also collaborate on customer service to provide co-ordinated system-level technical support to product manufacturers.

In November 2018, ams had announced collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies for the joint development of face recognition technology for mobile phones based on ams IR illuminator modules and Qualcomm mobile application processors.

ams and Face++ are showing a jointly developed demonstration system for face recognition based on active stereo vision, including software developed by Bellus3D, a Silicon Valley company specialized in 3D sensing and face scanning for mobile devices, at CES (8-12 January 2019) in Las Vegas. Running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, this 3D sensing solution is fully optimized for mobile devices.