trinamiX Showcases Latest NIR Detector Solutions at Photonics West 2019

Posted Feb 08, 2019 by trinamiX

Hertzstück, a brand of infrared (IR) detection solutions provider, trinamiX, showcased its latest advancements at the SPIE Photonics West 2019 event including NIR Detectors and NIR detector array modules.

At the event, trinamiX presented its Hertzstück infrared multi-pixel detector consisting of 2 to 16 pixels in line or matrix design. The detectors cover the spectral range from 1 to 3 µm, which is highly relevant for applications in inline or mobile process analytics and quality control. The Hertzstück PbS detectors are protected by a thin-film encapsulation which ensures a high stability and long lifetime. In addition, they can directly be wire-bonded to PCBs. They do not require deep cooling as their detectivity at room temperature is above 1 ∙ 1011 cm·Hz½/W. To meet highest product quality standards, trinamiX is guaranteeing 100% quality control before the delivery.

trinamiX has also showcased new Hertzstück infrared detector array modules. The modules comprise a 256 pixel array and corresponding read-out electronics in a hermetic P28 package. The modules come with an efficient and cost-saving single stage thermoelectric cooling. Deep cooling is not required, as the modules’ detectivity at room temperature is above 1∙1011cm·Hz½/W. They work with frame rates up to 1 kHz and have an analog multiplex output. Their low power consumption makes them the ideal solution for mobile applications such as handheld spectrometers.

trinamiX is also offering customer-specific detector arrays and array modules. The detector designs can be customized to the applications ranging from 1 to 512 pixels and pixel pitches starting from 50 µm. The detector arrays are available as bare chip but also in hermetic package and with thermoelectric cooling. In addition, integration of various filters and optics is possible.

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