Laser Components Wins Innovators Award for Laser Module and Diodes

Posted Nov 22, 2019 by Laser Components

Laser Components has been awared the Best Innovators Award by leading photonics industry magazine, Laser Focus World, for its ALBABLUX and QuickSwitch products. The products were adjugded the winners by Laser Focus after they met the magazine's criterias that included impact on designers, systems integrators, and users. In addition, to deciding if the submission fills new market needs, leveraging of a novel technology, or increases productivity.

The ALBALUX, white light module, first introduced this year at Photonics West, was ­given the Gold Level award in the Laser and Sources category, followed by the Vision ­Systems Design 2019 Innovators Award. ALBALUX is the world’s first laser white light model with an output of over 150 lumens. Industries such as medical & industrial endoscopy, spectroscopic diagnostics, defense, and law enforcement, all benefit from this well accolade product.

QuickSwitch pulsed laser diodes, silver award winner in the same category is the second acknowledgment, having won a Best of Sensors’ this summer. One major industry that will see the benefit of QuickSwitch is in automotive. These hybrid PLD’s are advancing the safety of vehicles now being deployed in applications such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and LiDAR. Other applications include traffic sensing and detection, range finders for sports and military and medical therapy and robotics.