Excelitas Introduces 75mm Telecentric Lenses for Laser Material Processing

Posted Nov 22, 2019 by Excelitas Technologies

Excelitas Technologies company, Qioptiq, has announced its new LINOS F-Theta-Ronar 75mm telecentric lens featuring a focal length of 75mm at wavelengths from 515nm-540nm. The complete fused-silica lens enables the largest scan field available for large laser apertures of up to 27x27mm², making it ideal for use in laser material processing industries such as energy storage and micro/macro machining for high power or short pulse applications including structuring, welding and cutting.

The new LINOS F-Theta-Ronar lens is optimized for a large entrance beam aperture up to 15mm resulting in a smaller spot size of 5μm over the scan field for high-power applications. Its focal length delivers high precision and spot quality to allow the smallest possible spot diameter. The new F-Theta-Ronar lens’ high-end angle corrected coating has been laser-damage threshold (LIDT) tested for ns @ 532nm and fs @ 515nm, making it usable for ultra-short pulse and high-power applications with constant transmission over the scan field.

Additional product attributes include:

  • Screw thread M85x1
  • Transmission over scan field ≥ 96 % at 515nm-540nm
  • Laser-damage threshold (LIDT) coating: 20 J/cm² at 532nm, 8ns, 100Hz and 0.6J/cm² at 515nm, 204fs, 50kHz
  • Includes interchangeable fused silica protective glass

As the latest addition to the LINOS F-Theta-Ronar lens product line, the new 75mm lens delivers reliable operation for consistent and proven high quality in serial production at competitive pricing for a variety of high-power laser applications including micro/macro machining and energy storage.