5G Optical Networking Equipment Market Possibilities During 2019-2026

Posted Nov 28, 2019 by ResearchAndMarkets

ResearchAndMarkets has published a new report ‘Optical Networking Equipment for 5G: Regional & Global Markets: 2019-2026’ to identify the business opportunities in the optical networking market in front haul and backhaul for 5G. An additional objective of this five-section report is to quantify these opportunities in both volume and value terms during 2019-2026.

The scope of this report covers both front haul and backhaul equipment and the optical cable itself. In both the forecasts and the analysis, the market is segmented further by various protocols, notably WDM, PON, Carrier Ethernet, and SDM. These protocols or types of ports are then segmented by data rate and, in the case of PON, the type of technology that is being used. There is also a geographical segmentation - globally and regionally. In addition, the ResearchAndMarkets team examines the prospects for alternatives to fiber optics in the 5G infrastructure. These comprise millimeter radio, microwave radio, and free-space optics.

At the core of this report are seven-year forecasts of all the protocols listed above and these are presented in terms of TAM values and shipments. R&M has analyzed the product/market strategies of leading actors in this space. They also examine appropriate strategies for optical networking and other firms to better penetrate the 5G front haul and backhaul market.

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