Edmund Adds New Laser Lenses and Ellipsoidal Mirrors to its Product Offering

Posted Nov 28, 2019 by Edmund Optics

Edmund Optics (EO) has introduced the new TECHSPEC Laser Focusing Singlet Lenses and TECHSPEC Off-Axis Ellipsoidal Mirrors to expand its product offering to cater market developments and customer needs.

The new TECHSPEC Laser Focusing Singlet Lenses are used to focus laser light from Nd:YAG lasers and other laser sources in the wavelength range between 500 and 1100nm. These focusing lenses are manufactured from N-BK7 glass and are mounted in an anodized aluminum housing for easy integration into laser systems. The lenses are coated with an Nd:YAG broadband, anti-reflection coating that features 0.25% reflectance at 532nm and 1064nm.

The TECHSPEC Off-Axis Ellipsoidal Mirrors are diamond-turned finite conjugate focusing mirrors with <100Å surface roughness for minimized scatter. They feature a fixed conjugate image and object path lengths to image at a set angle. They are ideal for use in finite conjugate reflection applications, such as Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) systems, where broadband light sources require the use of metallic reflectors with an off-axis design to meet space constraints.

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