25 Gbps Cooled LWDM Lasers for 5G Front-Haul Applications

Posted Feb 11, 2020 by Applied Optoelectronics

Applied Optoelectronics (AOI), a provider of fiber-optic access network products, has announced the availability of its new 25 Gbps local area network-wavelength division multiplexing (LWDM) cooled transistor outline (TO) packaged laser diodes for 5G front-haul applications.

In emerging 5G networks, the front-haul link is the critical fiber-optic segment between the antenna unit (radio head) and the remotely located base station, from which connections to the wider telecommunications network emanate. The new 25G LWDM solution for 5G front-haul allows for sharing of the existing fiber infrastructure, reducing 5G network deployment costs, saving fiber resources, and improving 5G performance. Because the remote radio heads are often installed outdoors in environmentally challenging locations, the ability to operate reliably over a wide operating temperature range is critical. AOI’s 25G LWDM TO-Cans operate at industrial temperatures between -40°C and +85°C with low power consumption. These devices are housed in a temperature-controlled, hermetically sealed TO format. The output power can exceed 9 dBm and an eye mask margin (EMM) of greater than 30% is achievable with the IEEE 802.3cc standard eye mask.

As the deployment of advanced 5G mobile communications networks is increasing day by day, AOI's ability to supply the needed LWDM channels and quantities of high-performance laser diodes is an important consideration for its customers. Applied Optoelectronics’ proprietary laser fabrication process and in-house epitaxy, fabrication, and packaging operations allow it to develop new varieties of laser diodes with the needed temperature operating parameters, and also rapidly transition these devices into high-volume production to meet the customers’ needs. The new 25G LWDM devices are currently available for sample requests.