LiDAR, Laser NIR, FIR, Radar Use Cases Lead the Global Automotive Sensors Market

Posted Feb 21, 2020 by

According to the recently released automotive sensors industry report by, new solutions like lidar, laser NIR, FIR, and radar, are now in the growth stage. And while the current gen of technologies used in the automotive solutions market are either well established or near the maturity phase of their life cycle, the newer solutions are gradually penetrating into applications based on the advantages they offer.

Speed, position, and pressure sensors are near market maturity, and life cycle maturity is distinguished by high demand and higher price competition as consumption nears commodity status. Most sensors are likely to maintain stage status quo throughout the forecast period of 2020 - 2024.

The current study of the total automotive sensors market is based on the analysis of 7 core sensor technologies:

  • Pressure sensors, including MEMS, strain gauge, and ceramic pressure sensors
  • Position sensors, including multi-axis, angular, and linear sensors
  • Temperature sensors, including thermocouple, thermistor, MEMS, resistance temperature detector, IC temperature, and infrared temperature sensors
  • Motion sensors, including ultrasonic, microwave, IR, tomographic, and dual technology sensors
  • Speed sensors, including active, active hall effect, active magneto resistive, and passive sensors
  • Lidar sensors, including MEMS, non-MEMS, solid-state (optical phased array), and flash lidar sensors
  • Radar based on the 24 GHz or 77 -79 GHz frequency band

Of the more than 100 companies in this space, 20 have been identified with commendable performance under the 7 core sensor technologies analyzed by capitalizing on the positive trends impacting the market. They can be broadly categorized into 3 groups:

  • All companies scoring very high on both growth and innovation are well-known industry leaders that have a history of being at the forefront of innovation.
  • Companies scoring high on innovation but delivering lower growth appear in the bottom right of the Radar. They are on the brink of witnessing higher growth due to a significant focus on innovation. These include known leaders as well as relative newcomers.
  • The third group of companies includes those implementing some level of innovation that results in growth, but not to the level seen in the other groups.

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