Chromacity Partners Market Tech to Target US Laser Industry

Posted May 29, 2020 by Chromacity

Leading laser solutions pioneer, Chromacity, has announced a channel partner agreement with photonics experts, Market Tech Inc, with immediate effect. Market Tech will supply Chromacity’s ultrafast laser systems through its industrial and academic research network across North America.

Chromacity’s range of affordable ultrafast laser systems combine high power with very short pulsewidths, making them attractive for multi-photon microscopy, laser-based sensing and FTIR spectroscopy, laser material processing and polymerization.

According to Chromacity CEO, Shahida Imani, Market Tech has two decades of photonics experience and extensive knowledge of R&D clusters in the US that can benefit from Chromacity’s fixed and tunable lasers. The partnership means that Chromacity can now provide hands-on support to the increasing demand for its laser systems in the US, which is vital for strategic growth.

Chromacity was one of the first companies to offer tunable optical parametric oscillator systems that cover both the near-IR and mid-IR wavelength regions. The laser manufacturer sold its first near-IR OPO to the Chinese market earlier this month, as the Edinburgh-based company continues to expand operations globally.