OptoKnowledge Announces New Spinoff Company for Hollow Fibers and Laser Spectroscopy

Posted Sep 11, 2020 by OptoKnowledge

Leading spectroscopy and imaging solutions provider, OptoKnowledge, has announced the spun-off of its hollow fiber business into a new company – Guiding Photonics LLC. OptoKnowledge is a research and development company with a wide breadth of technologies focused on spectroscopy and imaging.

Seizing on an opportunity to transition technology developed at Rutgers University, hollow fiber fabrication began at OptoKnowledge in 2012 and has steadily grown over the past 8 years. Guiding Photonics is built directly on this foundation and will continue to advance the state of the art and push the technology of low-loss, robust hollow fibers and associated components. This includes continued development of unique, proprietary plastic fibers, single-mode fibers, fiber bundles, and optical assemblies.

All principals leading the fiber development at OptoKnowledge are part of the Guiding team and pledge to maintain the same high quality and unmatched customer service. As an independent company, Guiding will be able to focus exclusively on customer needs and in the coming months plans to launch a series of new products for laser delivery (spanning UV to Far-IR), signal collection, and tunable laser absorption spectroscopy.