POET Signs Agreement with Leading European Optical Systems Company for 400G Data Center Application

Posted  by GoPhotonics


POET Technologies Inc, the designer and developer of the POET Optical Interposer and Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) for the data center and tele-communication markets, has signed a development and supply agreement with a leading European optical systems company with global operations for a 400G data center application.

The contract includes a nominal amount of Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) funding to design optical engines based on the POET Optical Interposer for a 400G application, along with a Purchase Order for initial production units. The design and development stage is expected to extend through March 2021, with production planned for June 2021, consistent with the Company’s recently updated roadmap presented at its shareholder meeting held on August 26, 2020. The customer is a leading provider of optical networking systems for data center and enterprise applications. However, due to confidentiality, the name of the customer and the specifics of the end application cannot be disclosed.

Also highlighted at the recent shareholder meeting by Dr. Suresh Venkatesan, POET’s Chief Executive Officer, unprecedented levels of demand are driving massive investments in global internet infrastructure. 400G represents the next generation of optical interconnect solutions for data communications, now in the initial stages of adoption by cloud data center operators.  Such demand translates directly to fiber and related optical devices, including for optical engines based on the POET Optical Interposer, a platform that integrates diverse components into a single chip-scale device at lower cost and higher performance.

According to Vivek Rajgarhia, POET’s President & General Manager, the agreement is further evidence of the expanding customer interest in POET’s optical engines and the pace at which our product development is progressing. Over the next several months, the company expects demand from additional customers will increase further as they continue to demonstrate the full capabilities of the Optical Interposer. POET’s platform utilizes a novel approach to integrating key electronic, photonic and optical components into a full transmit and receive optical engine, broadly applicable to data center and telecommunications products.