TriEye Using Cadence Spectre X Simulator to Shorten Time-to-Market of NextGen CMOS-Based SWIR Image Sensors

Posted  by GoPhotonics


Cadence Design Systems Inc. has announced that leading fabless semiconductor company, TriEye, has used the Cadence Spectre X Simulator to accelerate the design of a next-generation CMOS-based Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) image sensor by several months. Using the Spectre X Simulator, TriEye observed at least a 2X performance gain over previous simulators while achieving the required accuracy to meet ISO requirements for critical automotive applications.

TriEye is a fabless semiconductor company with the world's first CMOS-based SWIR sensing solution. TriEye’s challenge was to put together accurate simulations of arrays that contain over a million transistors. This level of accuracy requires a SPICE-based simulator, but most SPICE simulators have limited performance and capacity to tackle the complexity of these designs. Using the Spectre X Simulator, TriEye was able to significantly speed up their design cycle.

TriEye also leveraged the Cadence Virtuoso® ADE Assembler and Virtuoso ADE Verifier to easily set up hundreds of tests under various power, voltage and temperature (PVT) conditions and run exhaustive verification plans. The combination of simulation performance, easy analysis of pass/fail data and detailed specification tracking reduced their overall time to market by weeks.

“Our state-of-the-art CMOS-based SWIR image sensors require accurate verification down to the smallest level of detail while still adhering to a very demanding timeline,” said Omer Kapach, VP R&D and Co-Founder of TriEye. “The Spectre X Simulator’s capacity and performance improvements let us simulate our sensors accurately with a 2X speed improvement. When used in combination with the Virtuoso ADE Assembler, we were able to optimize our design quickly and efficiently and provide accurate modeling for post-silicon activities.”

The massively parallel Cadence Spectre X Simulator maintains the golden accuracy customers have come to expect from over 25 years of Spectre industry leadership in analog, mixed-signal and RF applications. The simulator supports the Cadence Intelligent System Design™ strategy, enabling design excellence.