Optikos Expands Manufacturing Facility and Operations

Posted Apr 28, 2021

Optikos Corporation, leading provider of optical engineering product design services and manufactures electro-optical assemblies and instrumentation, has expanded its contract manufacturing and assembly capability in Wakefield, Massachusetts.

Optikos designs and assemblies can be found in a range of end-use optical imaging and photonic products such as those used in life sciences, AR/VR, LIDAR, aerospace, and defense—its core competency is in applications that depend on light as an enabling technology. The company also manufactures its own standard and custom metrology products that assess and characterize the image quality of lens and camera systems across the optical spectrum.

The expansion increases the facility size to over 48,000 sq. ft., including nearly 20,000 sq. ft. of new clean assembly, engineering labs, and manufacturing space. These new facilities augment existing product development capabilities and enhance the company’s ability to provide complex optical system manufacturing from prototype through production.

Dan Orband, Optikos Director of Engineering, explains, “Projects range in complexity—from the development of sophisticated athermal imaging systems with multiple compensators during the build process—to high volume ‘snap-together’ optical modules. Our manufacturing facilities can produce quantities from single prototypes through small pilot builds to recurring manufacturing measured in tens of thousands and more.”

We look to support our clients with best-in-class optical system engineering and production facilities—competencies that typically fall outside their ‘wheelhouse,’” comments Stephen D. Fantone, Optikos Founder and CEO. “Our management of a scalable domestic and global supply chain for components enables us to provide nimble and efficient production of both prototype and high-volume products. Clients, in turn, come to us to one-stop-shop, whether it’s for expert optical system product development or leveraging our speed-to-market and scalable manufacturing capabilities as their markets grow.”

About Optikos

Optikos, the Optical Engineering Experts® – founded in 1982, provide expert design and volume manufacturing for optically based product development for any application, including those in life sciences, aerospace, aerial imaging, defense, automotive, and consumer electronics. The company’s optical metrology capability includes developing and manufacturing standard and custom products for measuring the imaging characteristics of lenses, camera systems and ophthalmic components; and offering in-house IQ Lab™ optical system testing and qualification services.