LightPath Technologies Joins Forces with RP Optical Lab to Develop Thermal Imaging Cameras

Posted  by GoPhotonics


LightPath Technologies a leading vertically-integrated global manufacturer and integrator of proprietary optical and infrared components and high-level assemblies, and RP Optical Lab from Israel are pleased to announce the launch of a joint development project to develop Thermal Imaging Cameras with optics based on LightPath’s proprietary BD6 material for space applications. The project is a joint development effort between LightPath and RP Optical Lab with support from the University of Central Florida’s Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers (CREOL).

The project is funded by the Space Florida organization in conjunction with Israel’s Innovation Authority (OCS) ministry of science and as part of an innovative bi-lateral partnership between the State of Florida and the State of Israel. As part of the project, LightPath’s proprietary BD6 infrared optical material will be further developed to comply with radiation requirements for Space applications, making it space compatible. This project begins just as LightPath announces that it has resolved the BD6 coating yield problem.

Sam Rubin, LightPath’s CEO said that LightPath has been providing optical components for use in Space for many years. LightPath parts are currently used in orbiting satellites, the Mars rover and have been on multiple outer space missions. In recent years, they have been witnessing exponential growth in the launch of space payloads, with more than 1,300 nanosatellites having been launched in the first six months of this year. LightPath is seeing growth in demand for optics to be used in such space applications, for imaging, analysis and optical communication between satellites. Optimizing their proprietary BD6 infrared material is a logical step in continuing to provide the space industry with qualified and suitable optics.

Ran Carmeli, CEO at RP Optical Lab stated that as an Israeli company, they are pleased that Space Florida and Israel’s Innovation Authority (OCS) ministry of science have teamed up to promote this type of international cooperation by selecting our project to provide this critical financial support. The award funds will help to significantly compress the development plan for their new broadband satellite imaging system while making important technical collaboration with LightPath Technologies more seamless. It is quite extraordinary for a group like Space Florida to be actively encouraging successful Israeli-American technical partnerships in space exploration. They look forward to the launch of their new satellite camera system.