Omega Optical Acquires Evaporated Metal Films and Optometrics

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Omega Optical Holdings, a leading precision optics platform backed by Artemis Capital Partners (Artemis), announced that it has completed the acquisition of Evaporated Metal Films (EMF) and Optometrics Corporation (Optometrics) from Dynasil Corporation of America.

“We are very pleased to welcome the EMF and Optometrics teams to Omega,” commented Dr. Michael J. Cumbo, President, and CEO of Omega. “Each business provides Omega with unique proprietary capabilities and coating enabled products that complement our strategic focus on serving the most challenging optical applications in high growth markets. The impressive scale of EMF’s thin-film deposition chambers dramatically increases our ability to offer precision coatings for large optics with diameters up to 2.7 meters. Optometrics brings a unique combination of ruled, holographic, replicated, and filtered diffraction gratings that are highly valued, particularly in applications where compactness, efficiency, and precise wavelength selectivity are required.”

Evaporated Metal Films

Founded in 1936, EMF was the first company in the United States to offer thin-film coatings to commercial customers. For over 80 years, EMF has continually expanded and refined its capabilities to deliver custom precision optical coatings for large area mission-critical applications. EMF has built a reputation for excellent product quality, superior customer service, and technical solutions in support of their customers' demanding time-to-market requirements. EMF supplies tier-one customers in the aerospace, defense, industrial, medical, and dental markets.

EMF will join Omega’s Thin-Film Filters operating division and will also play a key role in the platform’s nascent Laser Optics division. The Thin-Film Filters division manufactures products that are engineered to control the transmission, reflection, and absorption of light in mission-critical optical applications including flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, spectroscopy, LiDAR, machine vision, and satellite imaging for global OEM customers in the life science, aerospace, defense, instrumentation, semiconductor, and industrial sensor markets.

“The team at EMF is excited to take the next step in our journey. As part of the Omega family, EMF will be even better positioned to provide innovative solutions for our current and future customers,” remarked EMF President Paul Schulz. “Through our defining customer value proposition, the EMF Edge, we will continue to provide exemplary customer service as we transition smoothly to our new environment.”


Founded in 1965, Optometrics is a leading supplier of wavelength selection solutions including standard and custom optical components and pre-aligned sub-assemblies. The company’s core technologies include mechanical ruling, holographic recording, photolithography, and optical thin-film coatings. From diffraction gratings to polarizers, beamsplitters to monochromators, and anti-reflection coatings to filters, it maintains an excellent reputation for designing and supplying high-quality, spectrally precise products. Optometrics serves blue-chip OEM customers in the life science, analytical instrumentation, aerospace, semiconductor, and defense markets.

Optometrics will join Omega’s Diffractive Optics operating division. The Diffractive Optics division designs and fabricates products that control the phase and amplitude of light, facilitating mission-critical wavelength selective optical applications including material processing, spectroscopy, laser protection, and analytical instrumentation for global OEM customers in the life science, aerospace, defense, instrumentation, semiconductor, environmental and industrial sensor markets.

“The entire Optometrics team is excited about the opportunity to become part of the Omega family,” expressed Optometrics General Manager, Dave Montgomery. “We remain focused and committed to continuing to supply our customers with high quality, on-time products. The additional applications, product knowledge, and market awareness Omega bring will benefit our customers and employees alike.”