Opsys Tech to Deliver LiDAR Sensors to SL Corp. for Inclusion in Production Vehicles

Posted  by GoPhotonics


Opsys Tech, a developer of Pure Solid-State Scanning Microflash LiDAR, announced a deal to supply LiDAR systems to South Korea-based leading auto parts supplier SL Corp. for inclusion in production vehicles as early as 2024 or 2025. SL Corp. is a global supplier to several major automakers.

The SL Corp. deal is one of several deals Opsys Tech has secured to supply LiDAR systems for production vehicles within the next two to three years. The deals, all with large Asia-based suppliers, mean Opsys Tech is on track to be a major supplier of LiDAR systems to the automotive market.

Opsys Tech Chairman Eitan Gertel stated that this agreement with world-leading auto parts supplier SL Corp. enables Opsys to enter the integrated LiDAR lighting systems market segment. It represents a strong and growing recognition that Opsys Tech Scanning Microflash LiDAR technology is superior to that of competitive systems and can increase the safety of vehicles on the road while enabling the evolution of autonomous functionality at all levels, up to fully autonomous L5 driving.

Senior Researcher of R&D of SL Wanseok Kim further mentioned that Opsys Tech Lidar enables SL to launch its newest product line, which includes the LiDAR inside the lighting module itself. That integration will enable SL to bring to market an automotive integrated lighting system with best-in-class LiDAR functionality. SL is excited to partner with Opsys Tech and is looking forward to introducing this product line during CY 2022.

Automakers are pursuing the use of LiDAR technology to increase vehicle safety, enhance advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and enable the adoption of Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous-driving applications.

Opsys Tech has created an entirely new and groundbreaking category of LiDAR: Pure Solid-State Scanning Microflash LiDAR with no moving parts. Opsys Tech's patented Scanning Microflash technology combines the best of existing methods without trade-offs while delivering superior reliability and performance in every critical category at the best value. Opsys Tech LiDAR delivers the advantages of flash LiDAR (low cost, robust, solid-state) with the better range and resolution of mechanical-sweep or oscillating mirrors (MEMS and Galvanometer systems). Opsys Tech Pure Solid-State Scanning Microflash LiDAR offers higher durability and better performance than other technologies that use mechanical moving parts such as MEMS or rotating systems.

Opsys Tech achieves four times the range of flash LiDAR while surpassing flash LiDAR's resolution and scanning rate. Other LiDAR technologies boast either long-range, high resolution or a fast-scanning rate, but never all three instantaneously and in all conditions. Opsys Tech delivers all three, at once, in all conditions.

Rafi Harel, Opsys Tech CEO said that their latest supply agreement, and others they expect to announce soon, is evidence the industry is recognizing the superior performance and value of Opsys Tech LiDAR.

Opsys Tech Scanning LiDAR:

  • Has no moving parts, delivering high durability
  • Offers a low-cost of production by using vertical-cavity, surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL) and SPAD silicon receiver chips
  • Delivers four-times the range of flash LiDAR
  • Supplies best-in-class resolution and the best-in-class scanning rate
  • Delivers above 90% probability of detection at 200-meters range.
  • Deliver "all specs all the time" across the full field of view (FOV)

Opsys Tech has offices in Holon, Israel, and San Jose, California; it will open a new office in China during the first quarter of 2022. Opsys Tech plans to manufacture its units in Thailand beginning late in the first quarter of 2022. Opsys Tech also expects to announce additional supplier agreements in the first half of the year that will expand its market reach into Europe.