CrayoNano Teams Up With SemiLEDs to Develop Next-Gen Nanowire UV-C LED Chips

Posted  by GoPhotonics


CrayoNano and SemiLEDs have signed an agreement to jointly develop the next-generation UV-C LED for disrupting the disinfection market.

CrayoNano has validated and selected a strategic partner to accelerate the industrialization of CrayoNano’s UV-C LED technology. SemiLEDs is a well-known manufacturer of UV LEDs with industry proven experience and capabilities for the faster ramp-up to high-volume manufacturing of LEDs

“Following our agile business model and the increasing market demand, we must fast-track our development. SemiLEDs has over 15 years of industry expertise in chip processing and industrialization of UV LEDs. Their experience, capabilities, and resources are complementary for the engineering of CrayoNano’s ground-breaking nanowire and hybrid material technology and enabling our development of new products based on it,” says Jo Uthus, CEO of CrayoNano.

This collaboration alleviates capacity and supply chain constraints that continue to choke the global supply. This partnership will add to CrayoNano’s resources and capacities in Trondheim and de-risk the supply chain dependency, ensuring a successful market entry.

“Current UV-C LED products using conventional Sapphire based substrate are inefficient and high cost; the need for significant improvements in efficiency and performance is required for mass-market adoption of UV-C LED for disinfection market. One-dimensional (1D) nanostructures growth on graphene has shown unique characteristics for Optoelectronic devices; CrayoNano’s nanowire and hybrid material technology is second to none, a real disruptor in this space. As a like-minded technology pioneer, SemiLEDs will contribute with engineering support and our unique patented know-how of chip processing, to bring the evolutions of CrayoNano UV-C chip products faster to the market and verify opportunities of further products,” says Trung Doan, CEO, President, and Chairman of SemiLEDs.

Under this agreement, CrayoNano and SemiLEDs will jointly develop products based on CrayoNano’s nanowire and hybrid material technology and SemiLEDs’ unique LED process technology, and process know-how to accelerate CrayoNano’s mid-to long term UV-C product roadmap. CrayoNano will own the products under the agreement, and innovations and R&D will remain in Trondheim, Norway.

“We are very excited that we have found a partner who shares our vision of enabling a healthier and sustainable future for everyone,” closes Uthus.

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