TRUMPF Unveils NextGen Solid-State Lasers at Laser World of Photonics 2022

Posted  by GoPhotonics


TRUMPF Photonic Components, a global leader in VCSEL and photodiode solutions, has presented the latest generation of its TruDisk high-power, solid-state lasers at the leading global laser trade show, Laser World of Photonics in Munich, Germany. The most powerful industrial disk lasers on the market today deliver a hefty 24 kilowatts of output power. Suitable for cutting, welding, and machining surfaces, these new TruDisk lasers are a great choice for jobs that require a combination of high power output and maximum beam quality. “With this powerful new TruDisk generation, we are primarily addressing the heavy industry’s welding needs,” says Evangelos Papastathopoulos, the TRUMPF product manager responsible for these new disk lasers. The industry is comprised of shipbuilders, crane and construction machine engineer companies, and automakers in general. High-power lasers of this sort see frequent use in hybrid applications that combine laser and arc welding.

BrightLine technology – peerless on the market

That said, the new TruDisk generation is also perfect for cutting sheet metal and steel,” adds Papastathopoulos. “TRUMPF’s BrightLine technology gives customers so much flexibility that they can cut thick and thin materials almost at the touch of a button! That’s our unique selling point – and it offers real added value for our customers.”

At the heart of this BrightLine technology is a two-in-one laser light cable (LLK) with an inner and an outer fiber core patented by TRUMPF. A TruDisk disk laser couples the laser light into the LLK and distributes the laser power to the inner and outer cores using a device known as a wedge switch. This affords the user greater latitude and precision in adjusting laser power and the beam profile to the given sheet’s thickness. When cutting and welding, BrightLine distributes the laser beam and its energy on the part to achieve optimum results for the given material and thickness. As a cutting tool, it produces smooth edges. As a welding tool, it reduces spatter and results in a higher quality seam.

This sixth TruDisk generation also comes with an impressive set of proven features such as the beam guidance system. It enables users to plug cables into multiple outputs to use the laser light for several systems without compromising power and beam quality. Active Power Control keeps the high power output and processes stable. With the patented TruDisk resonator and the newly designed LLK-X connector, this laser is also able to machine highly reflective materials such as copper without disruptions caused by reflected light.

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