Applied Optoelectronics Showcases New Family of HFC Products Under Its 'Quantum Bandwidth' Brand Name

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Applied Optoelectronics, a leading provider of fiber-optic access network products for the internet datacenter, cable television (CATV) broadband, telecom and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) markets, announced a new family of HFC products under its Quantum BandwidthTM brand name.

The newly announced Quantum Bandwidth products include:

  • Quantum Bandwidth Cable Plant Signal Generator (CPSG). Capable of generating OFDM and 256-QAM signals from 54 MHz to 1794 MHz. Used in testing and performance validation of Extended Spectrum DOCSIS HFC equipment, the CPSG is able to generate signals necessary to test a cable TV network under full channel loading.
  • Quantum Bandwidth Broadband Digital Access (BDA) shelf module. The shelf is intended to be used in a HFC headend or hub site to completely digitize both broadcast and narrowcast signals and using pluggable optical modules transmit those signals to a BDA-equipped HFC node, where the analog signals are generated with near-perfect fidelity. Simultaneously, the BDA shelf receives digitized return-path traffic from up to four 204 MHz service groups and recovers the analog upstream.
  • Quantum Bandwidth Broadband Digital Access (BDA) node module. This node-based complement to the BDA shelf module can be retrofitted into existing or new HFC nodes, enabling DAA-like digital transport over an existing HFC network with MERs of +45 dB typical. Upgrading to the BDA architecture enables migration to high-order QAM or OFDM transport without the complexities of managing a Remote-PHY or remote MAC/PHY DAA network.
  • Quantum Bandwidth Extended Spectrum Line Extender Amplifier (1.8 GHz). The line extender style amplifier is designed to support DOCSIS 4.0 and data capacity up to 10 Gbps. Features include advanced electronic control and monitoring, power factor correction for maximum power efficiency, fully automated “hands free” setup, and a frequency-agile AGC for more accurate level and slope control and pilot fault detection. This is designed to meet the stringent SCTE 279 standard for DOCSIS 4.0 hardline amplifiers.

All of these products, along with AOI’s line of optical modules are currently displayed at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo.

About Quantum BandwidthTM

Quantum Bandwidth is a family of products that together enable service providers to cost-effectively deliver scalable, high-speed data connectivity to their customers. Leveraging its dedicated team of highly-experienced CATV engineers, based outside of Atlanta, GA and in Sugar Land, TX, Quantum Bandwidth designs cutting-edge products to meet the demands of a world in which reliable high-speed bandwidth delivery is a business requirement, not an aspiration. Relying on AOI’s decades of experience in CATV equipment manufacture and its in-house manufacturing operation give AOI end-to-end control of Quantum Bandwidth product design, quality, and manufacture.

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