TRUMPF Showcases Innovative Laser Marking Systems at AMB 2022

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TRUMPF Photonic Components, a global leader in high-speed VCSEL and photodiode solutions for data communication, showcased its latest generation laser marking systems at the AMB international metalworking exhibition held in Stuttgart. "With the TruMark 6030 marking laser, companies can mark just about any industrial product permanently and with high precision. The spectrum ranges from brand names on everyday objects such as cooking pots or shower heads to medical technology, on which a data matrix code can be applied to track a product in accordance with current legal regulations. The process times are often shorter compared to other marking lasers," says Holger Breitenborn, product manager responsible for marking systems at TRUMPF. This is made possible by the average power of 25 watts and the ability to process a workpiece on both sides in just one process step. The user can switch the laser beam off and on again safely and in a flash. He doesn't have to power the laser down and back up again. The full laser power is available within a few milliseconds. This makes the laser suitable for highly productive production lines. Thanks to many interfaces and detachable connection cables, users can quickly integrate the laser into their production unit.

Consistent marking results even with millions of components.

The marking laser operates with excellent beam quality and high power densities. As a result, the laser achieves clean material removal and the markings are particularly rich in contrast. Power control ensures that the system always operates at the desired laser power. Users can easily add further production systems to their production line for particularly high volumes, as each marking laser has the same power curves. "Right from the start, users get consistent marking results, even after several million components. Advanced manufacturing technologies and high-performance optical components make this marking laser one of the most powerful in our industry," says Breitenborn.

Marking three-dimensional components

With the TruMark 6030 combined with TruTops Mark 3D software with VisionLine, users can effortlessly mark surfaces of complex three-dimensional components. With VisionLine image processing, the system looks directly at the marking process through the lens. It thus works even more precisely. The image processing recognizes the actual position of the component and automatically positions the marking at the right place. It can also detect the workpiece surface and use the autofocus function to set the correct working distance.

TruMark Station 7000 is suitable for high part quantities

TRUMPF also showcased the TruMark Station 7000 at AMB. "With the largest workspace of all TRUMPF marking systems, users can use the system to mark individual, large components weighing up to 100 kg," says Breitenborn. The marking system is suitable for marking plastic washing machine panels, for example. Dark, high-contrast scales or brand names are produced. These have no edges and are pleasant to the touch because the marking laser does not foam up the plastic.

As an alternative to a single large component, users can mark a particularly large number of small parts arranged next to each other. "The system is suitable for high volumes - especially if the system is equipped with our rotary changer," says Breitenborn. With the rotary changer system, users can load the TruMark Station 7000 with additional components while the laser is still working.

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