Ocean Insight Announces Acquisition of Light-Based Technology from Rigaku Analytical Devices

Posted  by GoPhotonics


Ocean Insight announced that it has acquired technology from Rigaku Analytical Devices that uses light to assess scrap aluminum quickly and efficiently for recycling purposes. Consumer demand for goods containing aluminum is growing each year. Combining its new Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy-based (LIBS) SpeedSorter high-speed aluminum sorting technology with the Rigaku Analytical Devices handheld LIBS units gives Ocean Insight's customers increased flexibility when evaluating aluminum, regardless of environment or alloy grade. This includes increased capabilities to determine the chemical composition of each piece of scrap aluminum before sorting into distinct types that can be melted down and recycled.

"Recycling scrap aluminum is up to 95% more energy efficient than producing new aluminum. This means a much smaller carbon footprint for manufacturers and consumers alike, as well as lower costs," said Dr. Michael Edwards, President of Ocean Insight. "Acquiring this technology from Rigaku Analytical Devices helps Ocean expand its reach into the $217 billion global metal recycling market to create new ways to protect the planet's resources." 

With a battery life that lasts all day, the portable and rugged LIBS handheld units are ideal for use in scrapyards around the world, for example, when scanning incoming material. According to Dr. Edwards, "We are seeing a structural shift in the global economy towards sustainability and operating with more sustainable solutions across a wide range of industries. Ocean Insight is committed to advancing the circular economy. The LIBS handheld instruments play a key role in designing out waste and incorporating recycled materials in the future."

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