NKT Photonics to Release New Three Lasers at Photonics West 2023

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NKT Photonics, a leading supplier of high-performance fiber lasers and photonic crystal fibers, will be introducing three new lasers at Photonics West 2023, booth 3201. The new offerings include, Koheras ADJUSTIK HP T20, new Koheras BOOSTIK HP, and SuperK CHROMATUNE.

Koheras ADJUSTIK HP T20, the new fiber laser is optimized for Ba+138 ion excitaion at 1762.17 nm. The T20 is designed specifically with the 6S to 5D transition in barium in mind. Barium ions are ideal for quantum computing. It is easy to manipulate the electrons in barium ions with laser beams to use them as qubits. Its environmental insensitivity is superior to, e.g., diode lasers. The Koheras ADJUSTIK is a rack-mountable benchtop single-frequency DFB fiber laser platform. Based on their renowned industrial BASIK DFB fiber lasers, the T20 is an all-fiber, low-noise, single-mode, high power, mode hop-free laser with free-running sub-kHz linewidth. It can be used for qubit manipulation, quantum sensing, sympathetic cooling, etc.

Koheras BOOSTIK HP, all new and improved hardware is redesigned from the ground up. The combination of ultra-low noise, narrow linewidth, and high power makes the Koheras BOOSTIK HP a highly versatile system for a wide range of applications. The improved communication is able to control the amplifier via the NKTP CONTROL user software on the laser. With industrial reliability, this laser is robust enough for oil rigs yet sophisticated enough for the lab. It can be used for metrology, quantum computing, quantum metrology and sensing, fundamental physics research, time and frequency standards, atomic trapping and cooling, and laser interferometry.

SuperK CHROMATUNE is the new pulsed, tunable fiber laser with its extremely broad tuning range and constant 1 mW output power, that gives gap-free tuning from 400-1000 nm. CHROMATUNE is a fiber laser, which ensures excellent reliability and a lifetime of thousands of hours and is controlled by intuitive software interface. It is designed for applications such as microscopy, spectroscopy, fluorescence, lifetime imaging, optical characterization, and plasmonics & metamaterials.

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