HyperLight Launches Industry’s First Production Grade 110 GHz Fiber-Pigtailed Electro-Optic Modulator

Posted  by GoPhotonics


HyperLight, the leading provider of end-to-end photonic integrated circuits (PIC) solutions using thin-film lithium niobate (TFLN) technology, announced the launch of its new 110 GHz electro-optic modulators. These modulators are packaged with standard fiber and microwave connectors operating at the 1310nm (C), 1550nm (L) and 1600nm (O) wavelength bands. They feature low voltage drive, stable biasing, low insertion loss, proven reliability, and operating bandwidths over 110 GHz.

This groundbreaking product addresses a long-standing challenge in the optoelectronic industry of efficient 110 GHz electro-optic conversion. Traditional bulk lithium niobate based electro-optic modulators have been the gold standard for high speed and linear electro-optic solutions. However, they require prohibitively high drive voltages to operate close to 110 GHz. New alternative electro-optic material platforms have also emerged in recent years to address this challenge, but they too suffer from key performance issues, including high optical insertion loss, high drive voltage, and/or face material stability challenges.

HyperLight's 110 GHz modulator is based on their revolutionary high bandwidth and low voltage TFLN PICs. Leveraging decades of experience and leadership in the development of TFLN technology, HyperLight had developed proprietary design and manufacturing technologies that allow record level performance with excellent manufacturability.

HyperLight's TFLN modulators offer environmentally tested operation, ultra-high bandwidth modulation (>125 GHz usable bandwidth), record low half-wave voltage, compact footprint, high extinction ratio, stable DC biasing, high optical and RF power handling, standard W (1.0 mm) RF Connector, and PM fibers with FC/APC connectors.

"We have developed and validated this product by working closely with industry leaders who have shown great demand for high bandwidth electro-optics technology." says Mian Zhang, CEO of HyperLight. "We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from multiple customers on the impressive performance of our devices while they were in Beta. We are currently shipping the first release of these devices to our customers for field deployment, and we are excited to see them performing in our customers' systems!" With this innovative product, HyperLight is setting a new standard in high-speed and linear electro-optic solutions and is poised to make a significant impact on the development of next-generation measurement and test, optical data communication, 6G networks, and radio-over-fiber links.

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