Luxinar Celebrates 25 Years of Laser Innovations at Laser World of Photonics 2023

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Luxinar, a pioneer in sealed carbon dioxide (CO2) and ultrashort pulse laser sources, is set to celebrate its 25th anniversary at the upcoming Laser World of Photonics event. The company will showcase its latest innovations in laser sources for cutting, drilling, and surface processing at stand B3.409, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of laser technology.

CO2 Laser Sources

Luxinar’s COlaser sources have consistently been the preferred choice for numerous industries for many years and the company has two new additions to its established SR series: the SR e series and the SR x series.

SR e series – higher peak power

The SR e 9.3 µm series, specifically designed for the electronics industry, offers high peak power and low heat-affected zones, perfect for processing polarising film, removing excess bonding agents, and laser texturing. The SR 10e, with up to 115W average output power and 330W peak output power and the SR 15e, with up to 160W average output power and 460W peak output power, enable perfect edge quality and fast processing.

SR x series – higher average power

The SR x 9.3 µm series, a higher average power version of the SR i series, is ideal for high-speed applications. The range consists of SR 10x, with up to 105W average output power and 235W peak output power, SR 15x, with up to 150W average output power and 335W peak output power and the SR 25x, with up to 210W average output power and 465W peak output power.

Both the SR e series and SR x series 9.3µm are designed to match other lasers in the SR series, maintaining the same beam output position, mounting positions, overall dimensions, IP66 rating and serviceability of other SR versions. SR 10e, SR 15e, SR 10x, SR 15x and SR 25x are available with the standard SR shutter/diode and the standard SR back reflection protection options.

Ultrashort pulse laser sources

In addition to its CO2 laser sources, Luxinar is also showcasing its first range of ultrashort pulse laser sources, the LXR® series. This patented technology revolutionizes materials processing with its short pulse width (800 ± 100fs), allowing ultrahigh precision micro- and nanofabrication of various components. The LXR® provides high throughput and repeatability, and its fast burst mode increases material removal while maintaining high-quality machining. External controls available via MCU, PC, and web server app allow for local or remote diagnostics and monitoring.

Yannick Galais, Sales Director at Luxinar, explains: “We are excited to offer these additions to our laser source portfolio. Our ultrashort pulse laser developments in the IR, UV and green spectrums are opening opportunities in new applications, including glass separation, surface functionalisation, micro welding and micro-via drilling. And our established CO2 laser technology, ideally suited to organic materials processing, is helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint. These products benefit from the support of our global pre-and aftersales technical teams who work with our customers to develop new applications, improve existing processes and provide laser expertise whenever needed.”

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