Mojo Vision Lights Up First 300mm GaN-on-Silicon Blue LED Wafer for Micro-LED Display

Posted  by GoPhotonics


Mojo Vision, the high-performance micro-LED company, has announced an important development and process milestone with the successful light-up of the first-ever 300mm blue GaN-on-Silicon micro-LED array wafer. This accomplishment marks important progress towards maturing micro-LED manufacturing at state-of-the-art 300 mm CMOS fabs. This is Mojo Vision’s fourth world record in the past five years for the display industry, after setting records for the world’s smallest, densest dynamic display including 14k pixels per inch (PPI), 20k PPI and 28k PPI.

Micro-LEDs provide critical performance, efficiency and form-factor advantages essential to applications in extended reality (XR), wearables, automotive, consumer electronics, and high speed communication. Mojo Vision overcame extensive supply chain and wafer qualification issues, such as wafer bow and contamination concerns, to get GaN-on-Silicon wafers allowed into the 300mm facility. 

At Mojo Vision we are focused on disrupting the existing display ecosystem, paving the way for scalability of the technology, and driving broader adoption in consumer and enterprise markets,” said Dr. Nikhil Balram, chief executive officer of Mojo Vision. “Achieving cost-effective, large-scale manufacturing is the gap we are working to bridge with this breakthrough. Mojo Vision remains at the forefront of micro-LED advancement and successfully powering a state-of-the-art 300mm wafer further establishes Mojo as a leader in enabling market advancement.” 

Mojo Vision’s advancements establish a road map for commercial scaling of micro-LED technology using processes compatible with industry-standard 300mm fabs,” said Dr. Rajeeva Lahri, advisory board member at Mojo Vision, with over 40 years of experience in operations, R&D and business management in the semiconductor industry, including senior leadership roles at Globalfoundries, Freescale Semiconductor, National Semiconductor and Intersil. “I applaud Mojo and its partners for this significant achievement.” 

Mojo Vision has received over $22.4 million in new Series A funding at initial close, accelerating the proper development and commercialization of the world’s smallest, densest micro-LED display technology for consumer, enterprise and government applications.

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